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Dr. Carlson is committed to providing each and every one of his personalized care patients with the finest in preventative care



Siouxland Adult Medicine

Dr. Carlson is committed to improving the health and welfare of his patients while emphasizing the importance of positive lifestyle choices and the prudent administration of clinical guidelines in medication management.

We offer a variety of services in our internal medicine new clinic for ages 18- up with problems like diabetes, geriatrics heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, osteoporosis, respiratory diseases, and rheumatology.

Dr. Carslon founded Sioux City Hospitals at Sr. Luke's Regional Medical Center and has served as medical director of the Siouxland Adult Medicine Clinic and The Siouxland Executive Wellness Center. Dr. Carlson's practice works hard to accommodate patients quickly and efficiently.


Feeling Better Starts With A Single Test!

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We specialize in many different areas and can provide services without having you go to the hospital for high charges when you can do the same tests in our office. We have in-office services like:

    Blood work.
    Bone density tests for osteoporosis.
    Stress tests on the treadmill.
    Spirometry testing for COPD patients.
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High-level personal care & wellness programs.

Hormone Therapy

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Mark Carlson, MD, CCD

Dr. Mark Carlson, MD is a board-certified physician, specializing in Internal Medicine and lipidology. Dr. Carlson has been practicing Internal Medicine in Sioux City, Iowa since 1989. He completed his medical training at the University of Minnesota and Abbott Northwestern and Minneapolis Heart Institute. Dr. Carlson is a long-time member of the National Lipid association.

Dr. Carlson is committed to improving the health and welfare of his patients, while emphasizing the importance of positive lifestyle choices and the prudent administration of clinical guidelines in medical management and preventive medicine.



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"I have been a concierge patient of Dr. Mark Carlson for over 3 years. Although I am in pretty good health, I have a few problems that Dr. Carlson has helped me manage very well. Last year when I developed avascular necrosis of my hip he referred me to a wonderful surgeon that replaced my hip with great expertise. At Dr. Carlson’s office I have continuity of care. Everyone knows me and I am greeted warmly. I am able to See Dr. Carlson when I need to and they are very considerate of my time.My goal is to do all that I can do to stay healthy. Dr. Carlson is very thorough and uses the most up to date cutting edge tests, procedures and technology to help me attain my goal. I feel very comfortable in referring anyone that I know that is in need of excellent medical care to Dr. Carlson."

Doug W.

"Since Dr. Mark Carlson became my Doctor (as I like to say My Personal Physician), I have become very convinced that concierge medicine is best for me. I do seem to have more medical problems than the average bear, but seem to be healthier than I was. Dr. Carlson seems to hear everything and basically forgets next to nothing. I find the relationship and the care to be worth every penny."

Frank B.

"In 2014 I decided to try the new concierge service that Dr. Mark Carlson had recently started. My current doctor at the time, couldn't seem to get my blood pressure under control and it didn't seem like he was trying to hard to either. He only wanted to see me about once a year unless I called in for an additional appointment. When I started with Dr. Carlson he immediately changed my medication to something more effective. He then did my annual full physical which included tons of blood work, multiple tests that I'd never before had and a stress treadmill test. I was then back to see him every 4-6 weeks until he found the perfect combination of medication to finally get my blood pressure under control!
In the second year I reported for my annual physical. After the physical, I went to the clinic's patient suite to shower and clean up after the stress treadmill and wait comfortably for Dr. Carlson to come in to discuss my results. We went over some changes that I needed to try to lower my cholesterol and the stress test results. He was very blunt about the stress test result showing a dramatic failure in the last few minutes and got me into a cardiologist ASAP for an angioplasty which revealed a +90% blockage. My cardiologist immediately put in a stent to open the blockage and I was in rehab two days later.
I now am down 20 lbs with a consistent 120/80 blood pressure since I started with Dr. Carlson and my LDL cholesterol is 37. He told me that's about what a newborn baby is! I'm continuing to exercise and follow my new diet and routine to keep my body in good health thanks to Dr. Carlson and Siouxland Adult Medicine! "

Matt C.

"Dr. Mark Carlson is the only family doctor I’ve had since moving back to Sioux City 26 years ago. No matter what problems I’ve had he has solved them or referred me to a specialist for new knees, and shoulders. Appointments are always on time, and his staff is great – more like a second family. My health at 80 years old is good thanks to him. He is not only a fabulous doctor, he is a friend."

Carole S.

"We have been patients of Dr. Carlson and the staff at Siouxland Adult Medicine for several years. Our experience over this time has been extraordinary. They have responded to all our medical needs in an empathetic and extremely accessible manner as well as providing additional service through a comprehensive annual physical and review program. One of us was adopted with no medical or biological family history available. We really appreciate the extensive blood work which gave us an idea of the potential risks of serious diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart disease and diabetes that would not otherwise be available.

Through the annual physical; a serious, potentially life-threatening condition was discovered and a beneficial treatment was taken to correct the condition.

This all-encompassing exam also keeps track of ongoing, chronic conditions including asthma and monitors a patient’s cardiac and pulmonary systems, balance and coordination to mention only a few. Dr. Carlson supports preventive medicine to avoid major detrimental health issues. He has recommended the Mediterranean diet and encourages his patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes optimal eating and exercise.

Through this medical program, Dr. Carlson’s has provided health seminars which have been interesting, informative and beneficial. Based on our experience as a patient of Dr. Carlson and the staff at Siouxland Adult Medicine, we would highly recommend his and their services as one the best health care providers in our area."


American Board of Internal Medicine
American College of Phisicians
international society for clinical densitometry
National Lipid Association



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